Laundry service

Forum by Grace spa-hotel offers a modern laundry service. You can order laundry, ironing and other services with delivery to the room. The laundry room is equipped with modern facilities, the staff knows all the subtleties of handling any materials. Guests can bring items made of fine silk, natural wool and other sensitive materials – they will be cleaned quickly and professionally.


Name of the service Price (AMD)
Blouse 2400 AMD
Shirt 2400 AMD
Dress 5000 AMD
Pants 4000 AMD
Track suit 5000 AMD
Pullover 3000 AMD
T-shirt 1000 AMD
Underwear 1000 AMD
Socks 600 AMD
T-shirt 2000 AMD
Shorts 1400 AMD


Name of the service Price (AMD)
Blouse 1200 AMD
Shirt 1200 AMD
Dress 2500 AMD
Pants 2000 AMD
Track suit 2500 AMD
Pullover 1500 AMD
T-shirt 500 AMD
Underwear 500 AMD
Socks 300 AMD
T-shirt 1000 AMD
Shorts 700 AMD