Beautiful, modern and clean. Lovely hotel and great location. The staff couldn't have been more friendly or accommodating. Room was a standard hotel room, a bit nicer than most. We got the half board service. The breakfast and the dinner were both great. The breakfast was almost like a brunch. They have many options for dinner; meat, chicken, fish, pasta, pizza, great salads. The spa facilities were really great. The sightseeing tour was also very good. we enjoyed our stay. Highly Recommended.




We stayed at the hotel from January 13 to January 18 . I travel a lot, and I can say with confidence that I have never met such a good service as in this hotel. So: I booked a Deluxe room. The price category is slightly higher than the standard one. There are bathrobes, a dental care kit, shampoo and much more. There was a refrigerator in the room. Room was warm.After all , it 's winter in Yerevan . The hotel is located in the central part. And who doesn't like to walk, a taxi "Yandex" costs about 100 rubles, it's almost free �. We walked a lot.. We came with my daughter (20 years old). Including shopping (near the Dalma shopping center), we were very lucky.Upon arrival at the hotel , the smiling and hospitable receptionist Varouj met us . There are legends about his hospitality. Immediately he took us to the room, took our things. Everything was shown .He sked what else I needed. Helped us throughout our vacation. The Grace Forum Hotel has 4 earned stars. But 5 star is kind Varuj, always with a smile on his face and a willingness to help. My daughter and I spent 5 wonderful days in Yerevan. The weather made me happy. I recommend visiting the Grillian restaurant . We ordered excellent delicious meat there. We went to eat lahmajo-it was very tasty! By the way, Yerevan City Market is located next to the hotel. Every day we went there fresh fresh (pomegranate, orange, pineapple) and pomegranate seeds in a glass. Everything is fresh and not expensive (100 rubles). At the Grace Hotel, each guest can use the swimming pool and sauna for free. Of course, we bathed and warmed up for an hour every night. Separately, the pool and hammam were just for us. I want to note that there are hot dishes (for example, a hot dish with chicken). Magnificent pancakes with apricot jam-it was just a cannon. by the way, there is a service, food is brought to the room. The prices are acceptable . Wonderful mountain tea, oriental coffee - just very tasty. And the Armenian wine has replenished the water reserves, the beds are comfortable and safe. Beautiful lighting. everything worked like clockwork . The entire hotel staff was very friendly . And a bonus from the hotel is a free tour of the sights of Yerevan in a Mercedes with Artak. A couple and we went on an excursion. An hour 's drive and we learned a lot of interesting things : Yerevan is remembered as a very hospitable city . Pretty not expensive . And at the same time, everything is very tasty. Everyone speaks Russian. in the end, where I just haven't been, but I haven't met such a warm welcome. We can safely evaluate 5 *** ! More such hotels and such a service! ️




We met the year 2023 in Yerevan, lived at the Grace Forum Hotel from December 24 to January 5, in room 302 on the third floor. It was great!!! Beautiful, large and very cozy room. Well, I can only talk about the hotel staff with excellence. such a friendly attitude, such attention. our wonderful maid Rita is a real fairy. any request elicited an instant response from her side.Cleanliness is maintained by her always and imperceptibly. I want to express my deep gratitude to our dear friend Varouj .He always ready to help, to tell. Nevertheless, we were in Yerevan for the first time.Charming Kristina will help you choose an excursion, book a table in a restaurant and answer any questions: In general, two weeks of hospitality, smiles, attention, hospitality. there is a great desire to come to Armenia in the summer, if it works out, we will live only in the Grace Forum. With great gratitude for the reception and sincere hope for a new meeting!!




We really enjoyed our stay at the Grace Forum Hotel. We lived on the 3rd floor in room 304 deluxe. I'll start with the check-in: I got the impression that they were waiting for us here :) We arrived ahead of check-in time in the morning, but we were met and settled right away. It's very nice! The room is large, clean, the bed is comfortable. The room was cleaned every day. We had a wonderful maid Rita, cleaned very clean, we had everything we needed. Towels are always clean, hygiene items are in their places. Rita is a very correct and very pleasant woman. I would like to mention Andronik's manager - he is always ready to help, we asked for help to book a table in a restaurant, book us a tour of the museum. Thank you, wonderful manager. Many thanks to Varuzhu - a wonderful employee. And I also wanted to mention the security at the hotel. I wasn't afraid to leave my laptop on the table, my phone, and I somehow forgot to put on my jewelry (they weren't cheap), that's how I left them on the nightstand, and found them there. I will definitely recommend the Grace Forum Hotel to my friends and acquaintances. Thank you!


Larisa and Saliy


We rested at your hotel quite recently, from October 28 to October 31. We liked absolutely everything:cleanliness in the rooms, cleanliness of linen, availability of all toiletries in the bathroom, warm, cozy, daily two bottles of water, slippers, bathrobes, attentive, friendly staff, delicious breakfasts, an excellent sauna with a swimming pool, and even the location of the hotel. The rooms are quiet and peaceful. It is not difficult to walk to the city center, it is wonderful to walk through the clean streets to the tourist center, while taking a lot of beautiful photos. The interest of each hotel employee in each guest is felt. A friendly, cohesive team is working, aimed at success. We wish the hotel further prosperity, positive guests, and if possible, we decided to return to Yerevan the question of where to stay for ourselves unequivocally. Only the Grace Forum Hotel! Special thanks to all the reception staff for their responsiveness and willingness to solve any guest's problem.


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