Отзывы о зимнем отдыхе

Reviews of summer holidays

Samvel and Yana


We came to Armenia for the first time, knowing nothing and no one. How to say - from scratch. We chose the Grace Forum hotel based on the description and reviews. There were shortcomings during the check-in, but they were quickly corrected. Thanks to the Yerevan tour included in the price, we got acquainted with the guide Artak. From that moment on, our ideas about Armenia were embellished with wonderful colors! The next two days that we spent with Artak were incredible - stories about the places we visited, delicious cuisine, a look at the history of past years and the present - the whole narrative is not biased, from different historical points of view. We admit, if it wasn't for Art - in such a short period of time that we had - we wouldn't have seen half of what he showed us! Thank you, Artak and Grace Forum for the indelible impressions and the emotions that you gave us! We hope the next time we come back, Artak will be with us




We would like to express our special gratitude to the manager of the Forum hotel Alexander for organizing our holiday, everything was just super! We rested in the spa area, went on an excursion. The hotel staff is responsive, caring, will always prompt and help in any matter, the service is on the top five. Administrators Kristina and Andranik are smiling, friendly. Thank you to the porter Varouzh for his help with the luggage and just for good communication. The guys at the bar are also great, the cuisine is just wonderful, thanks to the chefs for dolma and khachapuri. The maids cleaned every day, everything was very clean and fresh, the water was replenished every day. In general, the city of Yerevan gave a pleasant pastime in the atmosphere and in the hotel. We will definitely come back to you again and thank you for the permanent guest card. We wish you prosperity and good guests. Thanks!!!




Shat lav spasarkum Hrashali andznakazm u enkerakan mtnolort (Excellent service, excellent staff and a friendly atmosphere.)




Hrashali hotel , hrashali andznakazm u hrashali spasarkum ,arandznaki shnorhakalutun barmen Ashotin hrashali ashxatanqi hamar,Gorin , glxavor texnik Armenin mez ognelu hamar shat lav en ashxatum Maqrihiner Luidan ev Ritan shnorhakalutun mer senyaknere maqur pahelu hacheli zeucelu u shat enkerakan mtnolort pahelu hamar .. shat htashali andznakazm uneq u shat lav tim (A wonderful hotel, excellent staff and service, special thanks to the bartender Ashot, the Mountain for a great job done, also thanks to the chief technician Armen for helping us, the cleaners Luda and Rita, for keeping our rooms clean, and for the friendly atmosphere. You have a great staff and a good team.)


Sarkis Gabrieljan


We are loving the service here! Ashot is a very polite and good barman with a good knowledge about drinks en preparing them! Gor is very good barman as well his service is excellent and its always fun to start a conversation! Narine is my favorite waitress the service is very good. Overall I would recommend this hotel to my friends and family


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